Why you Should Protect Your Skin from the Sun all Year!

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Why you Should Protect Your Skin from the Sun all Year!

soul&beautyMEDx is here to help you with sun damage that you may already have from playing sports, going to the beach, or laying by the pool.   You can get many types of skin care to help with the effects of the sun and aging.

Here are some fact to help you avoid more sun damage and more serious things like skin cancer.

  • ANY visible tan on your skin that differs from your natural skin color is sun damage; the deeper the color, the worse the damage.
  • All skin colors can get skin cancer, not just fair skin.
  • Most skin cancer is caused by sun damage that occurred at a young age.
  • You can get melanoma on your scalp.
  • Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults, and can often be deadly.
  • The sun doesn’t just damage your skin: it can cause numerous eye problems, such as cataracts and pteryguim.
  • 90% of fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots on the skin are caused by sun damage and could have been prevented.

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