What are Natural Growth Factor Injections?

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What are Natural Growth Factor Injections?

What Are Natural Growth Factor Injections? 

Natural Growth Factor Injections is a concentration of platelets obtained from whole blood. Platelets are best known for their role in blood clotting and tissue repair. When used in regenerative medicine, they harness the body’s natural healing capabilities.

Platelets contain proteins called growth factors that initiate cell repair and accelerate healing. That’s why Natural Growth Factor Injections is so effective for healing injuries.   

Natural Growth Factor Injections contains 5 to 10 times more growth factors than typically found in the blood, and that’s why it creates a rapid healing response.

Natural Growth Factor Injections has traditionally been used in orthopedics to help with osteoarthritis and injuries affecting the nerves, tendons, and ligaments. However, it has attracted attention in other areas like hair loss because of its ability to stimulate new cell growth. 

How are Natural Growth Factor Injections Prepared?

The Natural Growth Factor Injections serum is made using a simple centrifugation process. A blood sample is taken and then placed in a centrifuge and spun at high speed. This process separates the platelets from the rest of the blood. The platelets are combined with plasma and injected into the areas of the body being treated.

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