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Treatment Cost Estimate

Units Of BOTOX®
Units Of BOTOX®
*Any additional units needed you can recieve at $11/unit instead of our standard price of $13/unit*

Research shows that BOTOX® lasts about three months. In the BOTOX® Club, you can prepay and bank up to ten units each month at a discount over our standard pricing. If you need more units, they’re available at a flat discount rate of $11 per unit.


Are BOTOX® Injections Painful?

Most patients describe injections as a slight pinch, and some hardly feel them at all.


Will BOTOX® Make Me Look Different?

In the hands of an expert injector, BOTOX® Cosmetic should help prevent signs of aging and leave a natural appearance.


Is BOTOX® Only Effective for Removing Wrinkles & Improving Facial Lines?

It is FDA-approved for a range of medical conditions, such as treating migraines, back/neck pain, TMJ conditions, hyperhidrosis, and bladder spasms. If you stop using BOTOX®, your wrinkles will not worsen. Instead, they will slowly return as you use those muscles again.


Are BOTOX® Treatments Toxic?

On the contrary, BOTOX® is one of the most widely studied medical prescriptions in the world. BOTOX® gained its popularity as a household name to treat wrinkles, but it has more FDA-approved uses for medical conditions than for

Linda Rank, PA-C, our expert injector and Allergan trainer, is asked frequently how many units of BOTOX® are needed for ideal results. Everyone is different, so a consultation is necessary to examine your unique features. Depending on your age, gender, and needs, we can help you determine the appropriate amount.

Our faces are the most expressive part of our body, but all those tiny muscle movements stretch and crinkle the skin. As we age, the lines from these motions deepen.


If your fine lines and wrinkles bother you or you want to prevent them from progressing, the professionals at soul&beautyMEDx can help determine if BOTOX® treatment can ease those concerns.


If you choose BOTOX® as a treatment, your provider will explain that it does not permanently treat your problem. If you plan to maintain your results with repeat treatments, the BOTOX® Club can save you a lot of money over time.

At soul&beautyMEDx, we want you to feel good about your results and gain lasting confidence. We offer the Club to make BOTOX® treatment more affordable than ever before.


With an Allergan trainer on staff and pricing that meets your needs, getting BOTOX® treatment from an expert has never been easier, safer, or more affordable. Call today and find out more about the Club everyone will want to be in.

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