Laser Hair Removal In Mission Viejo

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal has never been easier for more people than ever.

Laser hair removal can provide significant, long-term hair reduction. Our office is proud to provide our patients with safe and effective treatment with the Lumenis Splendor X™ laser for hair removal.


The Lumenis Splendor X™ laser provides excellent results for more hair and skin types than previously available, including Asian and dark skin. Two separate wavelengths target different hair and skin, adjustable to your unique type. Treatment is fast, covering larger areas more quickly.

The laser’s energy targets hair’s pigment, disrupting the follicle’s structure so it will shed. Only strands in the active growth phase can be treated. Once they fall out, dormant follicles take their place. With a minimum of 6 treatments, you can ensure every follicle is treated as it enters the active phase. The result is smooth, hair-free skin.

With the Lumenis Splendor X™ hair removal technology, more people than ever can undergo hair removal treatments. People with pale blonde, red, gray, or white hair do not usually respond well to laser hair removal and may not be good candidates. If you’re ready for smooth, hair-free skin, set up a consultation with soul&beautyMEDx.

With faster treatment times and a special cooling system to keep your skin at a comfortable temperature, laser hair removal at soul&beautyMEDx is easier than ever. The size or number of treatment areas determine your session length, but most can be done in less than an hour.

Many people describe the treatment as similar to a rubber band being snapped on the skin. Most people tolerate it very well with less recovery time.

You may experience some mild redness, much like a sunburn, for 1-2 days. You’re able to return to your normal schedule right away.

Follow your provider’s instructions for using sunscreen and avoiding sunlight to protect your skin.

Don’t panic if your hair initially darkens and thickens. This is normal before hair sheds 2-3 weeks after treatment. After 2-3 sessions, the hair is visibly reduced in thickness and number of strands. A full treatment series ensures all hair has entered the active stage and is treated. Once your series is complete, your skin will be smooth and hair-free. Some fine, thin strands may return periodically, yet they’re easily handled with maintenance treatments.

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