Were You a Sun-Lover as a Teen? You Need Yearly Skin Exams!

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Were You a Sun-Lover as a Teen? You Need Yearly Skin Exams!

Today, we all know that lots of sun exposure damages and prematurely ages the skin, and also increases the risk of skin cancer! Isn’t it funny how different things were when you were a teenager?
In those days “skincare” meant trying to achieve a year-round sun-kissed glow. You might have spent endless summer days lying out by the pool with your girlfriends gossiping and turning over every 20 minutes to tan evenly. If you were determined to get that rich tan, you might have even busted out the baby oil or stopped by your favorite tanning salon during the winter months.
If that is a good description of your childhood, then it is likely that your skin absorbed a large amount of damage, which may come back to haunt you as an adult in the form of skin cancer. You can’t undo the mistakes of your past, but you try to manage the fallout. That means undergoing a full-body skin exam each year by a medical professional who can search for potentially cancerous lesions. If you haven’t had your skin exam yet this year, book an appointment with MedX. We can also help undo the sun damage to your skin to give you a more youthful appearance!

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