The Rising Popularity of Cheek Fillers

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The Rising Popularity of Cheek Fillers

The Rising Popularity of Cheek FillersAs we grow older, our cheeks naturally lose volume. Doctors refer to this as “midface volume loss.” In the past, the only long-term solution to cheek volume loss was cheek implants. That’s because effective cheek filler treatments only lasted for a few months. But these days, cheek fillers are lasting longer than ever thanks to innovative new products like the JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC cheek fillers used by soul&beautyMEDx in Ladera Ranch.
The FDA has approved several options for midface volumizing. These newer products have more than doubled the time needed between cheek filler treatments which previously lasted only up to six months. At soul&beautyMEDx, the favorite options at our office are JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC and RADIESSE®. They are both injected similarly and last close to 2 years, however VOLUMA® is made of hylauronic acid and RADIESSE® is calcium based. A cosmetic consultation is recommended to decide which product is best for your anatomy and goals.
With long-lasting cheek fillers now available, many patients are choosing to avoid the invasive surgical procedures needed for cheek implants. Instead, they’re choosing injectable cheek filler treatments that provide long-lasting relief from age-related cheek volume loss — without the need for surgery.
If you’re in the Ladera Ranch area and are considering cheek fillers, contact soul&beautyMEDx today to book a consultation.

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