Secrets for Aging Like a Celebrity

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Secrets for Aging Like a Celebrity

“Beautiful young people are acts of nature. Beautiful aging people are works of art.” – Dr. Mauricio de Maio
Aesthetic medicine has changed so much in the last 5 years that we can now choose how we’re going to age. We surely don’t have to age like our mothers, or fathers, because we now have the tools to look even better as we age.
Look at Heidi Klum’s photos over the last 25 years. Heidi at 41 is as attractive as she was in her teens. That’s a competition we’d all like to win. If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, like Jane Pauley’s “40’s” picture, we can help reverse sagginess to help you look even younger than Jane at 64.
This month’s first secret is that we can look better in our 40’s than we did in our 20’s. If you begin in your 20’s we can help you stay looking like the best “you” for decades.
Sunscreen, Botox, laser and dermal heating treatments are more powerful than skin care products. Women spend an average of $150/month on skin care products. For $1,500 per year, or less, we can help people prevent sagginess and help you age like Heidi Klum.  After 20 years, Heidi’s teen crow’s feet look about the same as Heidi’s crow’s feet at 41.
The second secret for this month is that you stay youthful by looking like “you.” Both Heidi and Jane have talented and artistic injectors keeping them looking like themselves.
Overly filled cheeks and lips are things of the past for advanced injectors. We can show you how we keep the years and stress from showing on your face at a free consultation and enjoy “aging” like a star.
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