KYBELLA® Double Chin Treatment: What You Need to Know

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KYBELLA® Double Chin Treatment: What You Need to Know

Most people have one or two areas on their body where it’s extremely hard to lose fat. One of the most common problem areas is underneath the chin. This can lead to submental fullness, commonly referred to as “double chin.” At soul&beautyMEDx in Ladera Ranch, we’ve recently begun using the KYBELLA® double chin treatment to address this issue in patients.
If you’re in the Ladera Ranch area and are considering KYBELLA® double chin treatment, here’s what you need to know about this brand new treatment option:

  • What is it? KYBELLA® is a prescription medication that is used to eliminate under-chin fat.
  • How is it administered? KYBELLA® double chin treatment is a doctor-prescribed injection treatment. The number of injections are based on a consultation specifically related to the amount of tissue targeted for treatment. A consultation is required to examine the treatment area, confirm the patient is a candidate for KYBELLA®, and define the treatment plan. These are superficial injections. Most patients require 2 – 4 sessions for complete improvement and follow up is recommended 6-8 weeks post treatment.
  • How does it work? KYBELLA® uses synthetic deoxycholic acid — an acid that occurs naturally in your body. In KYBELLA® treatment, this acid breaks down and absorbs fat cells in the under-chin area.
  • Is it permanent? KYBELLA® breaks down fat cells so that they can no longer store fat. This means your treatment should result in permanent change.
  • Is it safe? KYBELLA® is FDA-approved and has been tested in numerous clinical studies. However, certain medical conditions and medications can result in mild to severe side effects when combined with KYBELLA® treatment. So make sure to discuss your medical history and possible side effects with a doctor.

For a KYBELLA® double chin treatment consultation, contact our Ladera Ranch office today.

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