Is It Time for a Photofacial?

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Is It Time for a Photofacial?

You love the way a traditional facial treatment makes the skin of your face look and feel, but have you ever tried a photofacial? It’s time to set aside the creams, clays, and seaweed. A photofacial is a light-based treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to lessen the look of sun damage, brown spots, age spots, blood vessels, and facial redness.
It is an excellent treatment for any man or woman who spent way too much time out in the sun as a youth and has the sun spots to prove it! Many of our clients are amazed to see freckles and age-spots literally disappear from their face after several treatments. A photofacial can also dramatically reduce the redness associated with rosacea and is a favorite among our rosacea clients. Best of all, the photofacial also helps tone the skin, which can take years off your face.
Our clients love this procedure, because it is gentle and requires almost no down time. Check out the amazing before and after pictures on our photofacial page, and then book your photofacial appointment with us today!

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