How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? (Hint: It’s Not Magic)

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work soulbeautymedx

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? (Hint: It’s Not Magic)

Laser hair removal produces such silky smooth results that it honestly seems like magic. Hair free skin with zero shaving, tweezing, plucking, or waxing? Yes, please! But of course, laser hair removal — like the type performed by soul&beautyMEDx at our Ladera Ranch clinic — isn’t magic. Instead, it’s some of the world’s best cosmetic science.
How can you be sure? Well, when magicians make things disappear, they usually make them reappear. But when hair disappears with laser hair removal, those hairs are gone for good.
The miracle of velvety, near-zero maintenance skin is possible thanks to focused beams of laser light. A laser hair removal treatment targets hairs at the follicle. The goal of laser hair removal is to target the follicle so that it can’t grow new hairs.
As in period.
As in ever.
As in even years from now you’ll still have skin as smooth as shea butter.
At soul&beautyMEDx, we use MedioStar Diode laser system for laser hair removal, thought of as the “gold standard” by many practitioners. This is just one of the reasons we’re Ladera Ranch’s choice for laser hair removal.
While laser hair removal does require multiple treatments (5-7 treatments spaced out over 4-8 weeks) and yearly touch-ups, it certainly beats spending ten minutes with a razor every morning. Contact us today to book your consultation at our Ladera Ranch clinic.

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