Hair Restoration – Natural Growth Factor Injections

Hair Restoration – Natural Growth Factor Injections

The beauty of Natural Growth Factor Injections is in its power to regenerate and heal.

The human body has an amazing ability to replenish cells and heal the skin. With age, healing is slower to repair and replace necessary collagen and elastin. Natural Growth Factor Injections applies another aspect of the body’s healing to hair restoration, boosting the results. Natural Growth Factor Injections unique properties enhance aesthetic procedure outcomes.


Platelets and plasma are two components of blood that have the power to heal damaged cells. First, blood is drawn, and the components in the sample are separated in a medical-grade centrifuge. The plasma with a high concentration of platelets is then prepared for injection.

Hair Restoration – Natural Growth Factor Injections is a common procedure for slowing and preventing hair loss, particularly male pattern baldness. Hair follicles depend on the quality of the scalp. They require strong blood circulation, healthy tissues, and a good supply of nutrients. Growth factors in Natural Growth Factor Injections provide these. Natural Growth Factor Injections revitalizes the tissues from which hair grows and helps produce keratin for new follicles. It also repairs existing follicles. Hair becomes thicker and less prone to shedding. New follicles grow to fill in your thinning spots.

The results are visible within 1-2 weeks.Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment to reverse hair loss is successful only for patients who have some hair follicles with which the Natural Growth Factor Injections can interact. Natural Growth Factor Injections cannot regrow hair follicles where none remain. If your hair is thinning or receding, and you want to stop the loss, schedule a consultation at soul&beautyMEDx.

Hair Restoration – Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment begins with Natural Growth Factor Injections extraction and preparation. This process only takes 15 minutes, during which time your scalp is thoroughly cleansed. Some patients have anesthetic applied for more comfortable treatment. We also offer Pronox (laughing gas) as another way to ease your experience. The Natural Growth Factor Injections is then strategically injected where hair thinning is apparent. The treatment itself is quick, around an hour.

Your scalp may feel tender and sensitive for a few days. We advise you not to wash your hair for 24 hours post-treatment. Your soul&beautyMEDx specialist will provide instructions for showering and caring for your scalp.

Most patients require 3 or more treatments scheduled every 4-6 weeks to achieve hair growth goals. Visible regrowth emerges within 1-3 months and peaks around 4-6 months. Maintenance focuses on a healthy scalp and follicles with touch-up treatments once a year. Results vary by patient based on the number of platelets in their Natural Growth Factor Injections donation.

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